Saturday, September 19, 2009


Sometime during an arousing game of flashlight tag, Drew entertained us with some movie quotes.

Our kids have watched Sandlot - ONE TOO MANY TIMES!


I love the fire pit - if I didn't get so many bugbites from being out their I would do it more. Jason and the big kids went to get some wood while Tana and I got the hot dogs and s'mores ready. It was a lot of fun just sitting by the fire and roasting marshmellows. Not much more you can want on a Saturday night!

Just chatting with her Pop about boys I am sure and all of her boyfriends.

We had a hard time containing Drew. He just wanted to run and play in the yard.

Just the boys...


Crazy Sister

On the weekends we let our kids get dressed by themselves. Many times it just looks like Jason picked out their outfits though. After church Ally took her skirt off so she could help Jason clean up the pool and put it away. She came out in this stylin' shorts/shirt combo.

Stripes and floral don't quite go - at least she matched the colors though.

Just because she is cute and holds still for the pictures. She has some crazy pants on too but her's match.

Moving Up.

Our big girl is moving up. We had to pull out the other carseats because Tana's feet and head were hanging over the edge of her pumpkin seat (carrier). Doesn't she look so big?!?!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Who is This?

We get lots of comments of who Tana looks like. Who do you think she takes after? I think it is clear.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Full of Giggles

Where She Sleeps

Tana typically takes a snooze either right before supper or while we eat.

Somehow in the chaos tonight, she didn't get put down in time. We didn't want to wake her up, so we left her sleep on Jason's arm. I guess her Daddy isn't that exciting that he put her to sleep.

When it was time to clean-up he laid her on the table. We were still at the table so don't worry we were watching to make sure she didn't fall.