Thursday, December 7, 2006

Santa Claus Came to Town!

We are trying to get some pictures for a Christmas card, but we are not having much luck. Believe it or not this is actually happy faces on both kids.

We have been talking about this day for awhile. Ally knows what she is going to ask Santa for and about his raindeer and how he is coming to our house. She is soooooo excited. We got to the Santa stop and there and we were #199 and #200. One of my students were passing out the numbers and she said that they were on #75. Her mom was running it and almost pushed us up, but I couldn't do that. If I knew that it was going to be an hour and a half, I might have taken the offer!

Drew and I were walking around looking at things. I should him where Santa was and he said - mommy go now. I told him he needed to wait his turn. A little girl got off Santa's lap and Drew said - Mommy my turn now!

I always ask how the kids do at preschool and they tell me that they do everything together, but at the same time are DEFINITELY siblings though. When I see them in the halls they are always holding hands. Tonight when they were getting ready to see Santa, they held hands. Ally is a good sister that helps her little brother.

So what did she ask for: Backyardigans radio, Uniqua doll, and Dora bracelet. Drew was speechless but excited.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Last One for the Night!

Who let thses goons help make cookies with their runny noses and coughs? Oh well these goons are the only one that are going to eat the cookies!

Sleepy Pickle

We enjoyed a great day of Christmas shopping last Saturday. Ally and Drew stayed home with their favorite babysitter - Stacey. At supper that night, Ally fell asleep at the table. Must have had a hard day playing.

Tractor Tipping

I am amazed on how many people haven't seen Cars. It is Drew's FAVORITE movie. Grandma Rhonda bought him a Cars hat with Mater on it this fall - since ours were in storage. There was a flier in the DVD case with the cars on it and he carries/takes it with him EVERYWHERE, even to church.

If you didn't know, Drew has many tractors or other farm equipment. He doesn't allow Ally to touch them. Besides driving them around and making "tractor" noises, he likes to stand them on their hind ends. In the movie, Mater and McQueen went out one night to "tractor tip." They snuck up in front of the tractor and honked their horn to scare them. Then the tractor woke up scared and took off too fast and ended up on its hind end.

It's cute when he does it.

On a side note: Thanks dad and mom for the combine with a removeable corn and bean head. I put that thing on at least 100 times tonight. The auger is still attached and Mommy is the only one that can put it on for some reason...

Van Gogh

We were quite surprised tonight by our little Van Gogh. Ally begged to paint after supper. As any reasonable parent would say - it is getting late let's do it another time. She continued to insist so we attempted to keep Drew occupied and got out the watercolors. Here is her masterpiece. We were quite surpised. I am sure this one is going to be in a frame somewhere in our house soon!

Jason joined in after awhile and this is his beautiful picture. Any bidders????

Drew finally got tired of racing his tractors and cars and saw Ally showing off her paper. He yelled - I paint too! Goodness I don't know how they do it in the preschool, but he got going also and created the below picture. I stood close by holding onto the water cup and reminding him to put it in the color AFTER he dipped it in water.

Monday, December 4, 2006


Conversation on the way home tonight... (you can tell where this is going right away!)

Ally: Mommy, Do we have a chimney?

Mommy: Why do we need a chimney, Ally?

Ally: So Santa can bring our toys down. Where is our chimney?

Mommy: ummmm let me call Daddy....

Later at home discussion comes up...

Ally: Daddy, do we have a chimney?

Daddy: Yes - don't you see the fireplace?

Ally: Yep ... conversation ends

If I would have know it was that easy I would have answered it, but I was afraid she would want to see it when we got home. Ours is a pipe that only a squirrel could get through. Santa would really have to do a miracle!

Did He Really Say That?

Jason was walking in last night from hanging up more Christmas lights. Yes - he is Clark Griswald. Shivering he asked, "Why did we want to move back to Iowa? Did we really complain about it not being cold enough?" No snow and still FRIDGED! Ally continues to ask why she has to wear her coat in the car. Duh - you have no fat on that little bum to keep you warm!