Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Omaha or Bust

We headed to Omaha a few weeks ago for my brother's 29th birthday! Wow he is getting old. My mom went with us and my dad came on Saturday. We saw their house that they flipped and then headed to the Omaha Children's Museum.

I totally recommend getting a membership plus to your local museum. It typically isn't that expensive - ours is $100. We can visit it as much as we want and can take in 2 extra people when we visit. We use it on rainy days and on some evenings or an afternoon off for mom - dad takes them. The benefit is also that you can get into most museums across the nation for free. Something fun to do on vacation!

The kids enjoyed playing with each other and rarely fought, but did tattle on each other frequently. They all (except Lauryn) slept in the same room - girls in the bed Drew on the floor which was quite a task to get them to fall asleep!

Click over to Amy's site to see Ally and Kaylee in their princess costumes!

Everyone is excited about going back to Omaha during warmer weather to see a baseball game or the zoo - wish it wasn't so far to drive!

Big Prize!

Here is the proud winner of a new book on Dr. Suess Day at school. The 100 star is her number that they drew. All of the kids (PK-5) went to the library for a Reader's Theater of Horton and story time. I am so glad that my little girl loves to read.

Side note: yes this is from forever ago, but I have a lot to add to the blog to document Willis history!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I have had a toothache for some time due to some stupid popcorn I had. I was sick and tired of the dull aching pain and scheduled an appointment to see Dr. Hart. I was also feeling this hard mountain behind my last molar. I was already planning to hear the dreaded words - you need your wisdom teeth out.

I will save you the details, but it looks like I have one tooth that has always been bad. It has had a chipped and filled and recaped since I was young. Why they haven't pulled it is beyond me. He wants to put a crown on it. Man that makes me feel old - aren't old people the only ones that get crowns?

Then we talked about the wisdom teeth. I'm double covered on dental insurance right now so it is the best time to get it done. I asked about pulling on Thursday night if I would be ready for school on Monday. He said - you'd be fine by Friday morning. I laughed. In fact let's do it now. What?????

Well I am at home in hardly no pain (we will see what Wednesday morning brings) except for the tingling of the novacain wearing off. They only pulled one so I have 25% less wisdom tonight. They wouldn't let me keep it so I guess the tooth fairy won't bring me any money - Bummer!

My Helper

Ally has started to want to help make supper. She has always been a good help, but lately she wants to be INVOLVED with doing the whole process. But me being a control freak and effiecient master has had a hard time letting her help. She is always incharge of rolls from a can - or as Scoggins calls them "pop biscuits!"

At her 5-year check up (which is a blog within itself!) Dr. Kinzer asked her if she had chores. She listed off several things that made her sound like a slave, but she like to help her mommy. I hope that she continues to learn to serve others also and that helping mom sticks when she is 14!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Boy or Girl?

More funny words from Drew:

Drew: Mommy, Ally called me a girl and I'm a boy. (tattling always tattling!)
Me: What makes you a boy?
Drew: Short hair - the haircut girl just cut it off.
Me: What makes you a girl, Ally?
Ally: Long hair.

And we will leave it at that. We can explain body parts later.

As Jason was getting Drew in the car yesterday, he asked him what he was going to do today at school.
Drew: (in his firm voice) Let's just talk about it when we get home.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wise Words from My Kids

On the way to school last Friday Drew dropped his toy he brought. He asked me to get it and I told him no, I can't reach it.

He responded with - just come over here and get it.

With a sarcastic tone, I said - I can't. I'm driving.

With an even more sarcastic dumb voice Drew responds - Just pull the car over, get out and come over here to open my door and get my car.

Good grief - not on your life buddy!

On our way home from Omaha, Ally made some very important decisions about where her and Trippie will live when they get married. We pulled off the interstate for lunch and drove past McD's. Ally comment that her and Trippie would live next to McDonalds so that they wouldn't have to drive there for supper.

Now that is a girl that has got planning down. Common sense and healthy - not so much. And no we didn't eat there!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Personal GPS

This morning on the way to school, I flipped on the GPS to see how it would take me to school in Amana. At first it did nothing since we were driving on the correct road, but soon it told me the in "600 yards turn left." From the back of the van comes - Mommy you need to turn left. Thanks Drew - I got it figured out.

This continued all the way to school with every turn - good thing there are only four! Who needs my GPS when I got Drew!

Monday, April 7, 2008


We have finally joined the rest of America in signing our very talented, gifted, fasted, most athletic child up for a rec league. Actually we assume that some of the best collegiate scouting programs will be coming to her t-ball games.

Tonight she had her first "practice." Really do you need practice for t-ball with 4-6 year olds? Doesn't a game consist of 2 innings where everyone hits and stands in the field picking flowers while one kid (usually the coach's kid) chases the ball, throwing to others which begins another chase until 15 minutes later it gets back to the coach to "pitch" to the next kid? And it is an hour and a half! Ahh I am glad that she is going to learn the game - practice hitting when the coach pitches and knows how to throw and get a ground ball. If you didn't know, but Ally has a terrible arm. Her brother has out-thrown her since he was 1. Now he has aim, he can nail me with a cracker from his carseat while watching a movie.

Here are a couple pictures to document the moment! Ally is in the cream sweat shirt. It didn't help that it was pushing 45 degress out today. They cancelled the track meet that Drew and I were going to go to because it was too cold, but not cold enough for the GRIZZLIES!!!

She hit it! But I really think that her eyes are close if you blow up the picture.

Take me out to the ball game!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Apple Bottom Jeans

I'm not so sure this should be a proud moment, but this is one of the kids' favorite songs that plays in Daddy's truck. They have their Daddy's dancing moves and ability to remember all the words in a song. Sorry the stomping is so loud - we typically don't let the kids stand on the counter, but it for some reason seems appropriate for this song. One day while listening to this on the radio, Ally couldn't understand the words to the verse. She said - I think it is in French now. Then the chorus came back - oh now it is back to English. Then the verse - French again.

I Hate Drywall Dust!

We have been working on our basement since the beginning of the year. We actually wanted to have it done by Rachel's wedding, but we were smoking something! The dust has settled from all the mudding and taping. We think we are done painting - the lights are playing tricks on our eyes. Jason is getting ready to lay the tile, the woodwork and cabinets are on order. We haven't ordered the carpet yet, but we aren't in a huge hurry. We are hoping to have some guests this summer - maybe for Luke and Betsy's wedding!

Movie Area - can you imagine a big tv there - Someday....

Wet bar and poker area - black hole area/door is the bedroom

Cubby for kids to play where Jason's head it and game closet on right - bathroom is in that hall opposite of the stairs going up

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cracker Please!

What do you think of our artistic skills? Spray cheese and crackers are a favorite snack around here, but for some reason they only taste good if there is a picture on the cracker. This is the stegasauris that Drew asked for. What do you think?