Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just Felt Weird...

This morning I left and my ring felt weird. I couldn't figure it out. My hands couldn't be swollen already. I haven't gotten to school yet and today is suppose to be cool. (the lack of AC in my class has caused my hands to swell)

After 3 classes I finally asked - what hand is my ring suppose to be on? If you know me well - you would know that I struggle with my left and right. I make the "L" to figure it out - I like east and west instead.

I had my ring on the wrong hand. You would have thought after wearing it for about 11 years that I would remember which hand to put it on. Oh well I am 31 and my memory is going.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Just Like His Daddy

Tonight at supper, we asked Drew to take off his hat. His response - I don't want to get my ears dirty. hummmmm

And yes this is his gankster look....

Our way of surfing in Iowa - there is water in the wagon.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Few More First Day Picts

I have been a terrible blogger lately and isn't all because of lack of stuff but energy! Hopefully as things settle down here I will have more time to get some things down, but for now you must enjoy some picts from school.

Drew's "locker"

Ally's big girl locker

Standing my the dark kindergarten room before everyone got there!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A New Year - With a Big FIRST

Our precious little princess started Kindergarten yesterday. She was so excited. She has been counting down the days by crossing them off the calender since the beginning of August. On Tuesday night we went to the ice cream social and dropped off both of their supplies in their rooms. Ally got to meet her new teacher, Mrs. Glanz. Drew got to give some shy hugs to his old teachers who were thrilled to see him!

We got up early to head out on Wednesday - as you can tell by the picture Drew wasn't going to be nice to his sister. Not sure I am ready for all of this! No tears were shed by anyone - probably too busy to worry about it. We got to school and hiked in since our parking lot is under construction and we have to park A LONG WALK AWAY! We got Drew into his room and headed down to dropped Ally off for breakfast. We got close and she told me that she could do it by herself. There is no doubt in my mind that she could - but this one was for Mommy. Today I did let her go down by herself when my copies were taking a little too long. I can't believe she is so big.

Her first day was so EXCITING she said. She loved learning about being a good friend, going to music, eating in the cafeteria, recess and after-school program. She is definitely not shy. When I walked by I saw her in the middle of the group with her hand up to ask a question or give an answer. I am sure that she will have many stories and things to continue telling Mrs. Glanz.

Drew by the way is not shy anymore to his teacher. He has broken back out of his shell and has already starting fluttering his eyelashes at his teachers. He told me that only one teacher had to rub his back and lay with him at rest time.

For this mommy - she is tired and worn out. I am trying to use all my new technologies and try to get things off to a positive start. This group is great and I am excited to get to know them. Man I wish I could get their names fast though!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Poor Babysitter

Since I have gone back to school and the preschool isn't open yet, we have had to find sitters to come to the house. Our lucky Friday winner was Hannah (Pastor Scott's daughter). She is in 7th grade at the school that I teach at. Our kids absolutely love her. They have wanted her to come back so bad that Ally has been planning dates for Jason and I - to go to Taco Bell. Ahhhh I'll eat with a fork if I am going on a date.

I got a call at about noon from Hannah's mom - Don't worry Brenda but I just went and picked up all the kids and took them home with me. A policeman came to the door and said that the lot next door hit a gas pipe while they were digging. At first they told them to evacuate but later thought they would be okay since the wind was in the wrong direction.

Ahhhhh - they came back later that afternoon, but Hannah got broken in good. She is awesome and they kids' are already asking when can she come back!

But I'm a...

We were on our way to a wedding a couple weeks ago when the kids wouldn't BE QUIET. I shouldn't be surprised, but I was tired and just wanted them to rest. And here is the rest of the conversation....

Jason - Ally you need to quit talking.

Ally - But Dad I can't - I'm a talker

Mom hides her giggles in her shirt and Dad is left speechless. How do you come back to that?

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Here is the conversations from Monday making lunch....

Ally: what kind of bread are you using?

Mom: Weird bread ally

Ally: Oh so it's name is "weird."

Mom: Noooo it is actually called Artisian French Bread.

Ally: Why?

Mom: Because it is long and skinny

Ally: Oh I must be french because I am long and skinny....

Mom: Goodness....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Dells

On the spur of the moment we headed to the Dells with Chris and Amy and girls. We had a lot of fun but wish that the weather would have been a couple degrees warmer - the water at the park was COLD!!! We typically head to Noah's Ark but we switched parks since the other park had an indoor area and a few roller coaster rides. I am not sure that I am willing to admit yet that I was a traitor to my favorite park.

Tom (our GPS) took us on a crazy route in Wisconsin but we got there a little nauseous and excited. My little girl is growing up and is tall enough for the mid-size roller coasters which she rode on with glee. Four more inches to get to the big stuff! Actually Drew is tall enough too, but my scared of flies boy was too chicken to take the plunge. He was content to ride on the kids roller coaster for hours - and would have if we'd let him. Ally was also went on some of the bigger waterslides with us. She was bummed though when we told her that she couldn't ride on some because she was too short. They did let us take both kids on a couple on our lap on a tube. Ally is in the first yellow slide on the right. Jason and Chris flew right on by her at the end.

We also went mini-golfing in the morning before we left. Drew struggled remembering how to hold his club and continually came up for help. Such a sweetie! He has been practicing in the basement since we got home - I hope he doesn't break the tv!

Give Me A Break Mister!

I can only imagine what Lauryn is thinking....

Man - this weirdo is back. I thought we left him a long time ago and he shows up here while we are on vacation. Then he tries to smooch me and Aunt Brenda lets him. I gotta talk to my mom and see who she is letting watch me.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm Not Stupid

If you have been around our kids recently you would know that if I said this I would be quickly shot down by Drew. "You can't say 'stupid' Mom!" ARGGHHHH Jason is much more talented than me, he is able to think on his feet and use a synonym so he doesn't get in trouble.

Below he is being Cody the surfing Penguin. Some new "hand me downs" from our neighbor Chase - who is going to be in 2nd grade. Hope he didn't wear these last summer! Because that makes Drew HUGE!

A couple nights ago we were getting ready for bed. Drew was missing his cow - Googie - that he sleeps with. He asked if I would go look for it and then continues to explain that it is black like Shadow and white. It isn't red and yellow Mom.

Jason is snickering in the other room. Good grief - was I born yesterday Drew? This lovely cow (whose real name is Ribeye) has been in the family for four years. I know what he looks like. Below is Googie sitting on Buggy his blanket that also goes with us almost everywhere.

For Andrea

Here is Ally's name on her wall that I was telling you about. Also her ballarina pictures are by Emma Thomson called Felecity Wishes. I got them on posters.com.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Jason's Dream

One of my cousin, Matthew's friends had this lovely bike. Jason thought he looked cool in it. Can't you see him driving to work on it everyday in his tie?

Like Father Like Son....

Drew also like to play on the 4-wheeler. I think he can see himself going really fast someday. Hummmm I think I will let him drive when he is 42!

What do you think Jared - you wanna buy a motorcycle too???

Doggy Duo

These two are quite the pair. Trouble if you ask me! I guess at the end of the day Aunt Lou's toys were getting boring, they weren't allowed to touch the fish, the fish in the backyard were in hiding, and they couldn't walk the dog down the street by themselves. So they decided to play puppy and took Wenoah's cage as their own house.

Whatever it kept them busy. I wonder if I had one of these if my house would stay cleaner????