Monday, November 27, 2006

Flower Children!

Ally and Drew get to be in Uncle Jared and soon to be Aunt Allison's wedding in March. Jason is too, but he doesn't get to wear a pretty dress. We are so excited for them! Now we get to start buying noisy toys for them too!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Happy Turkey Day!

We have had a great 4 day weekend. It all started with Turkey Day! Ally was so excited and kept asking when Turky Day was going to be here. We headed to Uncle Ken's in Newton for the big celebration. After lunch (which was great) except that Ally and Drew barely ate anything unless you consider all the corn off of Jason's plate.

Mom, Donna, Troy, the kids and us went to the park to play. We had fun running around on the fort. It had a boat, a wagon and lots of tunnels to climb through. Jason got stuck in one tunnel and had a headache from hitting his head.

Ally was driving the jeep. Keep dreaming girlie!

Drew loves the merry-go-round. Ally is getting really good at pushing him around and around. I get so sick but not them. Maybe I am getting tooooo old!

Mom was checking out her balancing routine. She wasn't too good at it - but I was!

After we got back to the house, the Shepleys got there. The Daddys took the kiddos out to Uncle Ken's "farm" to ride tractors and HORSES!!!! Mommys stayed back to search the Black Friday ads for good deals - none were found.

Here is Drew with Grandpa Charlie.

Now Ally's turn - finally she wasn't first!!!

This is Mallory (She is 6 wks older than Ally).

This is Lydia riding her horse - she looks like a pro!

What Will the Neighbors Say?

It is Christmas time!!! That means LIGHTS!!! We don't try to out do our neighbors, but it is always nice. We just try to improve on the previous years lights. Jason was up putting up the lights and Drew was sleeping. Ally was out and about playing when she realized that Jason was on the roof putting up the lights. It took her over 15 minutes to figure out how he got up there. She kept running in the house going up the stairs, running down, back outside, back inside, up the stairs etc. I asked her what she was doing and she told me that she was trying to get to Daddy to help. I giggled realizing that she had forgot about the guest bedroom - the window that Daddy had crawled out of. The door was shut.

Finally I showed her how to get out. Yes we are TERRIBLE parents, but she sat in the corner of the roof and handed Jason the hooks. She didn't move, but had a blast.

Time Out!

Drew and Ally fight like brother and sister. We have tried to sit Drew in time out, but didn't work because he would just get down. Now that he has gone to school, he has figured out what time out it. I think that means he might have had to sit in time out a few times. I am pretty sure he was in trouble for throwing food or hitting Ally. It was hard not to laugh at him because he was being so silly.

Brownie Bash

This story is way past due, but too cute to forget!

On some Sunday nights we head to my Grandpa Melvin's house for supper. We hadn't been for quite awhile since we moved to IC. We had to take my van to the shop (again - surprise surprise) and then headed to Grinnell. About half way there, Ally asked for a "wippy."

Of course our response was - NO you don't need to play with it! She said that she needed to wipe off the food. Huh???? I turned around in the truck to Drew's face COVERED in brownies. The brownies were sitting on the seat between them. Neither of us thought they could reach them or see us put them there. Well we were obviously wrong. The brownie had a hole in the middle and a big mess in the truck.

Ken still ate the brownies or at least parts of them that little hands hadn't touched!

Monday, November 20, 2006


I have several blogs from this weekend that I need to post, but I had a great memory on why I love IA grocery stores!!!!

Fareway is the greatest store on earth. It might be outdated. They all wear white shirts and black ties (Morman family own the store.) Their store is not high tech. I remember the last time I shopped in Ames, I think they still had to type in all the prices. So in the past 6 yrs they have upgraded to scanners.

You might ask why do I love this store???? Service. I had 2 kids that refuse to ride in the cart anymore and wanted to walk out holding my hand. Okay I am for holding hands, but I had a small bag of groceries and Jason's breakfast drink - mountain dew. When I got up to the check out the girl - said "carry out." YEAH!!! You are NOT allowed to push the cart out the door. You can carry your groceries, but the carry out boy pushes the cart or carries your stuff! He followed our little scrambling threesome as we headed out to the car. He put it in my van and said - Have a good evening - all as I got the kids in their carseats.

What a great night~

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sick Chickidee

Ally got the flu on Tuesday night. I think the kids have something secretly planned against us. They plan to get sick when Jason is about ready to head to WI. Ally told me her head hurt on the way home from school. She put an ice pack on it when we got home and said that made it feel better. At 10:00 her supper came up - man she needs to chew! Along with that lovely picture she had a high temp.

Jason stayed home with her today because he was leaving for WI the next day and couldn't stay that day. My kids are INSANE for a sub and I was already out one day this week. Last two times it was Drew. I think they have it out for us!

While Jason and Ally were home, Jason made her some toast. He called into the play room, "Sweetie, your toast is ready, come eat with me." She yelled back, "Daddy are you talking to me or are you talking to yourself?" Hummm does Jason talk to himself?

She must be feeling better though. When I put her to bed, it took over 30 minutes to tuck in ALLLLLL of her babies. They each have their own Turkish pillow and a blanket. They each needed their dolly and a kiss. Oh she has quite the imagination! She also was in bed when I heard her crying. YIKES - I haven't had to clean up throw up by myself for a long time! Turns out - she misses her daddy and was hystarical. She is now in my bed waiting for her daddy to come home. She did get to talk to him and have him sing her good night song.

Moral of the story.... if you can't sleep, call us Jason will sing you the good night song.... nope that's not it - Ally loves her Daddy. She told me that she is his favorite little girl!

Would She Eat it?

Amy S for some reason HATES meatloaf. I don't really get her and this just adds to my pile of questions. Well last night we had meatballs. Would Amy eat those. It is the exact same ingredients as meatloaf, but in little balls instead of a LOAF (which is what grosses her out).

Just a thought for pondering... Amy you have any reactions?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sale Barn

Most of you reading this have never been to a sale barn. I don't even remember if I have been to a sale barn. My mom is reading this going - gee wiz Brenda - you have many times. It has obviously not left a lasting impression.

Jason was the kind and brave husband on Saturday afternoon. He took BOTH kids to the Club Calf sale over an hour away. My dad was selling 3 calves to inspiring 4H kiddos for next year's fair.

I didn't go, but I hear that you get popcorn and other goodies and can cheer for your grandpa when he comes into the ring.

I enjoyed my time unpacking both kids' room and going to Bread Company for a warm and quiet bowl of soup and my favorite sandwich. YIPPEE for great husbands!

Muddy Day

Ally was having quite the day. We were unpacking stuff. Jason and I were working our best to keep them busy so that they wouldn't undo our hard work. It was kind of nice out side - upper 20 to lower 30s. We bundled the kids up and let them ride their bikes outside while Jason was hanging cupboards in the garage for his manly tools.

We are the last house on the street so the sidewalk ends into a muddy lot next to us. We got quite a bit of rain on Friday along with the water that Jason had put on the sod. Ally hasn't mastered stopping on her bike and fell off the end of the sidewalk.

Not the terrible part though. She sat in it trying to get out and sunk her tennis shoes in the mud. Scarred for the morning, she lost interest in the great outdoors and came into bother mommy who was trying to unpack the plethera of toys that we hadn't seen in 5 months!

The funny part came 5 hours later when she wore her farm boots out to go fishing in the yard. She marched around the house - I hope that she wasn't trying to knock down the walls! You can see the little footprints in the mud. Well yes again she fell down in the mud in the same spot as before. Trying to pull her boots out she sat down in the mud and dirtied another pair of pants - EEKS!

Oh well - this episod sent her to the couch to watch some tv - without her pants!

Friday, November 10, 2006


Many know that Jason is deathly afraid of bunnies. No one can understand it. It has more to do with the scary stuffed animals rather than real soft cuddly ones. We went to the mall for supper. Drew and Ally saw the merry-go-round and HAD to ride it. Drew picked the animals and led Jason to the scary bunny.

Sorry the pict is so bad - it is from my cell phone.


One of my crazy 7th grade boys decided to dress as a "nerd." He caused more of a distraction and laugh than anything which is typical.

Bad Mom! (and Dad)

Well, I think it is about time that I add to the Worst Mom of the Year sagas.

Yesterday I was putting the kids in the truck to head home after school. I had both kids buckled in and was getting ready to get in myself when I realized that I had hit the lock button on the car and locked my poor kids into the car buckled into their seats. Of coarse my keys were in the truck with my phone. I was also locked out of the school, but luckily a janitor had just come out into the hall and saw me.

I ran into the school and grabbed Sandi (a good teacher friend) and her cell phone. I tried calling Jason, but he didn't answer because it was a Miron forward and not his wife's number. Arghhhh what to do. Another teacher flagged down the principal on his way out and we stared at the truck wondering what to do. The kids didn't know what was going on and were laughing. Luckily it was also 65 degrees out instead of the normal November weather.

After about 30 seconds, Brad (principal) tried Drew's door again and it was OPEN!!! Drew had his socks and shoes off and was playing with the door locks! Ally was too. I felt awful. I am known (mainly by my husband) to lose my keys and lock them in the car. I guess we need to find the magnetic box and put in under the vehicles again.

Cell phone - Jason did answer the next call when I called him from my phone.

Silly Girl!

Most of you know that Ally is silly silly silly - or at least says very silly stuff. Here are a couple of the most recent sayings!!!

On the way to church, she was babbling like a crazy child. Jason finally asked her to sit still and be quiet for the last few minutes. Her reply to his request, "Daddy, I am not done talking yet."

Last night at supper she was drinking Kool-Aide. Hers was gone so she was asking for more. To show us shee needed more, she tipped the cup upside down and the left overs dribbled out the cup. Her reply, "I don't know why I did that....I sorry, sorry sorry" (covered with lots of hugs....)

When we went to bed we found Arabella (cabbage patch doll) and Little Kitty outside of Ally's door???? When we put her to bed they were tucked in under wash rags (her "little blankets for dolls" I am cheap and can't find all of our old baby blankets yet). In the morning we asked her what happened and she said she didn't want them sleeping in her room. Wish I could do that sometimes.

There are so many more. Look forward to me getting pictures from my mom about Love-A-Lots birthday party on Tuesday.

Thursday, November 9, 2006


The sod guys came and laid some sod last night. We have only done the front lawn and part of the back yard. The builder is suppose to come back in the spring and seed the rest, but we are checking into prices about more sod.

Shutters will hopefully get painted this weekend and put up. I will update then and give pictures of the inside. Right now it looks like WWIII. I got the kitchen 100% complete last night except for a box of rubbermaid containers that I can't find.

It took Jason over an hour to find the sprinkler. A lot of boxes untaped!!!

Saturday, November 4, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I am not quite sure how sweet home is yet, but we are finally home! We moved today. I didn't have school on Friday (conferences comp day) and Jason took the day off to pack. At 8:30, the truck from STL arrived and the guys started unloading. Meanwhile Jason finished packing the truck in Brooklyn and by 11:00 he was on the road.

By 4:00, the trucks were unloaded and now we have paths between rooms. Who knows when I will ever park my van in the garage. I don't have pictures because I didn't take any in the confusion, but I will get some day light picts soon.

Now we need to get change of address cards out so that we are forgotten at Christmas! Ally was thrilled to get Quinn's birthday invite - even though she is heading to a calf sale that day with Daddy and Drew. We are pondering the noisy toy we can get him.

Off to put up a curtain so we don't scare our new neighbors!

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Happy Halloween!

This year was a sad Halloween, but a lot of fun. We usually head off to church for the Fun Fall Festival - where it is warm, but that trek was a little out of the way this year.

We went to Victor with Grandma Rhonda to trick or treat. It was bitter cold with a little wind to top that off. This is their first house - an old friend from church, Ed! They were so excited. Too bad that they won't eat most of the candy! I still have candy from 4th of July!

Drew was so cute saying, "Tick or teet." and then his adorable, "tank ou." They were really great and enjoyed the cold night.

Ally was Uniqua from the Backyardigans.

This is obviously not my kids. My niece, Kaylee, is the bunny. Don't these kids look like they really are excited about Halloween and going to get candy??? Also if you notice in Kaylee's hand in a HUGE candy bar - I can't imagine that she is going to get to eat that one!