Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Cards are done!

Well friends the cards are done! There are actually 2 so you will get one of the two in the mail with the annual Christmas letter by Jason. We are still working on the slightly humorous factor though. Merry Christmas!

Cool Gray Christmas Card
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Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Letter in the Making

Right before Thanksgiving we got the urge to get our pictures taken at Sears. Yes we had not taken Tana's 12 month pictures - we used one that Mom took at Grandpa's funeral - it is really cute! But really we needed to get an updated family picture done. Christmas is here and the letters and pictures need to go out. This is my favorite time of the year making the cards. Last year I decided that I didn't have time to make the design on our own computer so I turned to Shutterfly for our Christmas cards. And I haven't turned back - Tana's birth announcements were also done on there.

I don't understand why everyone doesn't do it this way. It is so easy. So cute. So much fun. I love the options. I love to play around with the settings! I do go a little crazy and make like 10 choices and then drive my husband crazy by asking him to pick the one he likes. He never picks the right one. I usually then head out to friends until enough say they like mine. This year I am trying to weigh in on Jason's favs but my fav is #3 on his list. Ugh.

I have to say on Shutterfly I am very impressed with the variety of choices and low prices! I think these cards look much more expensive than what they actually are!

I typically pick a photo card with several openings for pictures. This year I was also looking for a card that matched the pictures that we took. Our outfits in our family pictures were dark gray and bright blue. Unfortunately there weren't a ton of options in this area, but I found some I liked!

This one is really nice and it went well with our clothing - obviously that isn't us though :) I needed several openings. It had options to let me have three. This is one of Jason's favorites.
I really like this one, but no options for more than one picture. It is off the list. I like the colors and the fun non-traditional look.
I made a card with this one and it looks good, but Jason just didn't like it. I love the cool dots.
This is by far my favorite layout, but the cost when we have to buy 125 are a little much for me. I am working on it but Jason is the voice of reality for me.
This is on Jason's top list but I think the pictures will be a little small, but don't be surprised if this one is sent to you since I like it better than his other one.
This is my favorite, but it is Jason's 3rd choice. I love the black background that looks great with our family pictures.
So as soon as my cards get ordered we have to get the writer to come up with a great letter again. So coming to a mailbox near you will be the Willis Christmas letter.