Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tana & Makenna

Makenna (Jared's daughter) is about 5 months older than Tana. How long will it take Tana to catch up to her older cousin?!?

Makenna enjoyed being batgirl!

Special Visitors

Tana has had lots of visitors.

Aunt Rachel was the first to get to the hospital.

Grandpa Charlie has the special touch to get her to quiet down. The only other person successful besides Mommy!

Grandpa Jim and Grandma Janelle with all their grandkids. Quiet the crew!

There really are some of other (especially Grandma Rhonda) - just not on our camera! Please send us pictures if you have any!

Going Home...

Saturday we headed home. She didn't do to bad for her first ride in the van. We had to go to Wal-Mart to get a few things on the way home and she did awesome. Okay she mainly slept.

If you remember 6 years ago when we brought Ally home it rained, sleeted, snowed, and then the sun came out on the way home from the hospital. Then Jason and my Dad mowed the lawn that afternoon. This special day was very similar except that it was fairly chilly out and the snow started a few hours later. We got about an inch and did melt away just as fast as the one 6 years ago!

Ally's Big Weekend

Ally really wanted Tana to be born on her birthday. We knew that this year she would think it was cool, but in the future - she wouldn't want to share. In all reality, her birthday was so much about Tana that I almost cried. Nothing was coordinated or really planned. She did some special treating from Grandma Rhonda. Grandma made her some great breakfast with some special presents.

After school, they came to the hospital and we picked up some pizza. Grandma brought some chocolate cake too for dessert! A small hospital room does not work great for a party, but we made it work. We opened lots of fun presents. We got her a real Bible (one with all the words not just abbreviated stories). It was probably more special to Jason and I than to her right now. She got lots of clothes for summer. She wasn't real excited about those - but what kid is!

Then we got to the cake - and what 6th birthday is complete without blowing out the candles. Now most of you know that Jason works for Mercy Hospital (in CR) as the assistant facilities director. I describe it as making sure the hospital is safe. He was wondering around the room looking for something - I wasn't sure what though and was sure that it was such a mess that he wouldn't find it. Then he said - we can't do the candles. HUH?!?! It will set off the hospitals smoke detectors. Oh Boy - didn't think of that one. As Grandma and Daddy explained what would happen you could see the sadness in Ally's eyes, but she pulled up her shoulders and said I will pretend to blow them out.

On Saturday Jason and I made her some cupcakes at home. She picked out the frosting to put on them. Then they helped me frost them. I wish that I would have marked the ones that Drew did because he would put a hunk of frosting on the cupcake and then licked the spreader off - then back into the frosting and continue. It was gross, but he had a blast doing it.

Her special present this year was an MP3 player. We planned on giving it to her in the hospital, but no one could get the songs onto it. We ended up going to the store on the way home from the hospital and getting a new one. She absolutely loves it. We gave her some speakers also. She plays it all the time for Tana. I am pretty sure that Tana hates the Hamster Dance by now - or maybe that is me!

Jason's family came on Sunday and we blew out the candles for real. She was smart to cover Drew's mouth first though so that she could do it. Hummmm this sounds like my sister!

She is offically SIX!

We will celebrate it later with friends when things settle down!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Big Sister's Birthday

Happy Birthday to my Ally Cat!

We got to talk to Ally early this morning. Grandma Rhonda took her to buy donuts for her class and helped make a show and tell book of Tana for her class. She was excited about her day. We will have cake and presents tonight at the hospital and a real party (with her friends) later after everything gets settled. It's hard to reserve or invite anyone to a party if you don't know if you will be there!

Six things I love about Ally
1. Never a quiet moment! She loves to tell you all she is doing.
2. Big helper. She is such a big helper with cleaning, picking up, cooking, recycling etc.
3. One Smart Cookie! She loves to read, do math, school - and never refuses to learn something new.
4. Love for Jesus - she loves to tell others about Him and loves to sing to Jesus.
5. Creative - ohhhhh the artwork that we have in our house - drives me crazy, but all made with love from her heart!
6. Independent - hard to say that my baby girl is growing up, but she is strong and confident.


So far a quiet day except for our little girl who loves to cry. We are doing well and have had a constant string of doctors and nurses in. Everyone is in good shape. I have had a shower and am roaring to go! Ready for visitors to enjoy our favorite baby girl.

Jason always asks who's my favorite ____________ to the kids. There has been much conversation with them on what we do if there was another boy or girl. So as it stands - Ally is my favorite BIG girl. Drew is still the favorite boy. Tana is the favorite baby!

Isn't amazing that no matter how many times they wake you in the night or refuse to go to sleep, they are still precious. I love going into their rooms at night and kissing their precious cheeks and praying for them. (There isn't anything sweeter than a sleeping child! - any AMENS from the crowd?)

Even though she isn't sleeping - she has given us some sweet looks in the midst of refusing to sleep or eat. I know that she wasn't smiling but there was a smirk that made you forget that it was 5:30a.m.

The pictures are blurry because she is like any human and hates the flash!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meeting the Crazies!

Sunday before Tana was born. We tried to get them to kiss my belly, but were uncooperative!

First Family picture!

Ally and Drew are so excited to have a baby sister. We called them first at school. Ally was in the library when I called so I talked to Drew first. His teacher said that he just stood there smiling ear to ear as I told him about his new sister. He didn't have a lot to say. Some of the few words out of his mouth were:

I really have a new sister! I love you Mommy!

Jason talked to Ally and he said Ally cheered when she found out. She had the role of going down to tell the teachers that I work with. She walked into the 7th grade teachers where 2 of her favorites are - Kate and Mari. Mari told me that she walked in glowing and very calm unlike the morning. She said - I was right it was a girl. Drew was wrong. I have a baby sister.

When they got to the hospital with my mom, Tana was still in the nursery getting cleaned up and checked over. They went down to watch the nurses and bring her back to our room. They have lots of pictures with their camera and danced around watching her - PRECIOUS!

Ally held her for some time, and at first Drew refused.

After going to supper with Jason, Drew decided that he would hold her and these are some of the best smiles that I have ever gotten out of him!

Whenever Tana starts to cry, Ally immediately goes over and starts singing Twinkle Twinkle to her. Tana almost immediately stops crying. It is cute - but we got to come up with more songs!

They are proud of their new sister. Ally told Grandma that she wanted Grandma to print some pictures off when they got home so she could take them to school. They will come back for a small birthday party on Friday. At least in the future if I can't make 2 cakes - the one can be girlie!

Tana's Brith Story

Jason and I dropped the kids off with our friend Mari to take them to school. They were thrilled, excited and blustering with energy. We apologized as we left them with her.

Having gone through labor before, I knew that I needed to eat because who knows how long it will be before food again. After taking a quick but slow stop at Wal-Mart we ate some McD's and headed to the hospital about 8. I was the only person there - so lots of attention. Dr. Wenzel broke my water at about 9:00 and nothing happened. About 45 minutes later, the lovely pitocin arrived and started and still nothing. About 10:40 contractions started, but slow and inconsistent. Arghhhhh

They put some different monitors on me and ordered my friend Mr. Epidural. By the time (about 11ish) this lovely doctor arrived the contractions were pretty good and 2 minutes apart and fun. They decided that I needed to drain my bladder and things would be ready quickly after that - about 12:30.

At 1:00 they switched me to my other side which brought pain of contractions back - You are not suppose to feel these!!!! Mr. Epidural Doctor came back and gave me another shot of the good stuff at 1:15. THANK YOU! They let me go for about a half an hour and started getting stuff ready - I was still a little apprehensive - it has only been 2.5 hours since contractions started?

Well with three contractions Tana arrived nice and solid screaming a little after 2. By appearance she was definitely early, but had wide shoulders. Dr. Wenzel was glad that we induced her. Can you image what she would have weighed in 10 days?

Tana Rae Willis

March 26, 2009
2:03 p.m.
8 lb 12 oz
20.5 inches

Dark Brown Hair
Long eyelashes
Solid little girlie!

(Sorry for the gross picture - we will get more when the kids get up here!)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Tonight we took our last outing as a family of four to McD's for some ice cream. We have almost been a family of four longer than Jason and I were a family of 2 (2 months shy). As our kids are giggling in the back, Jason and I both are filled with such emotions. I feel a little guilty saying that I am sad that this time in our life with just A & D is ending. I know that the baby is going to bring so much joy - just like Ally and Drew do! But our comfortable life is going to be changed upside down for the good.

Anyone else feel this way?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

38 Weeks and a Few Days

I went to my last dr. appointment today! Woo Hoo!!!

Everything looked good except for the first time ever - my blood pressure was high. A friend at school and I had joked earlier in the day that we had both hoped for high blood pressure so they would have to induce us. I had just told Jason the story on the way to the appointment. He said I hope not! Then the nurse told me that it was high. Arghhhh...

Dr. Wenzel came in and checked me out. Dilated to 4, effaced 80%, measurements good heartbeat good.... We discussed how long she would let me go and we talked her into Thursday! So Hammie will hopefully be born on March 26th a day before his/her big sister's birthday. Then I asked her if she was concerned about my bp and she said - holy cow. So off we headed to the hospital to be observed for an hour. Everything settled down so we left for home - picked up the kids for my beloved friend Mari and went to supper at Carlos O'Kelly's.

I am having some contractions, but still in prayer for consistency - the pain is usually there. I am not more uncomfortable then a few weeks ago, but just hate the anticipation and just want to have an end in sight. So my spirits are up!

So stay tuned - last day of work is Wednesday and then baby on Thursday if not sooner!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


The other night Jason surprised me with a date! He called Larissa all by himself and got her to babysit. Her husband is on a spring break work trip with 24-7 so she didn't have a lot of excitement going on.

We enjoyed supper and shopping. Man I don't know if we go on any dates where it is only a date. It seems that it is always a date to Target. But Ally's birthday is in a week and we hope to be slightly preoccupied before it - we hope.

While Larissa was here the kids decided that she needed to hear about God. Drew wanted to make sure that she had her sins forgiven so that she could go "up there" and Ally asked her why they came to small group. "Don't you already know about God?"

This bring Jason and I joy as this has been a common theme in our household starting a couple weeks ago when Drew asked for God's phone number so he could call and ask for forgiveness. He decided not to do it that day, but a couple days later while him and I were playing on the computer. He asked me to show him how to pray. He also talked with Grandpa Charlie about it the other night when they spent the night on the farm.

I know that God is working in both of their hearts and it is fun to see them understand God's love and salvation.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Morning Craft

I love to sew, but not clothes! Curtains, burp clothes (we need a lot of these!), blankets etc. My new adventure was a Bible bag for Ally. She has been asking for it for awhile and it really can't be that hard.

I told Jason that I wanted to make it reversible. When I asked how he thought I should do it - he said it would be easier if you didn't make it reversible. Well Mr. Downer - it would have been easier not to do the box joint on the new shelves too, but it looks cooler!

I picked out some material the other day and shouldn't have showed it to her because she continually asks when are we (we????) going to make my bag. Last night I did an internet search and watched a Martha Stewart video on how to do it. Got it all out and started and finished it this morning in less than an hour and a half!

While working on it and Ally talking continuously beside me asking about the stories in her Bible and blah blah blah, she said - I like making crafts with you, it's fun. (Meanwhile - Drew played in his room all by himself - QUIETLY!!!)

So here is our finished project. We have plans this afternoon to make a headband for her new shorter hair!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Week 37 and Ready to Go!

Doctor appointment today and all is still good. I am between 3-4 cm which means at least something happened since last week and 70% efaced. Woohoo.

Now when will the baby come? I guess my prayer is for pain and consistent contractions. Hummm not something that you typically pray for. I have the contractions and tonight they were getting more painful, but no where near consistent. If I do anything or the slightest thing I will get a contraction, but the second one doesn't follow.

So Dr. Wenzel is on call Wednesday and Friday this week and not til next Thursday. I would love her to deliver the baby but in the end don't care as long as it comes out! So I will keep a walkin' and hoping that Hammie will bless us with her presence soon!

Jason decided that he needed to start practicing his counting ability for when I needed to push. Drew thought that he could help too. Sorry Jason but Drew is much cuter! (Jason wouldn't do it for the camera so that you could be the judge!)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ally's Prediction

This morning I was relaxing in the recliner as Ally and I were talking to the baby trying to coax it out.

Ally was feeling it and said, "it is boney - it must be a boy since boys are boney." She obviously hasn't felt her butt since she is VERY boney. Then she continued to say - "oh no what are we going to do."

I think reality has sunk in that it really could be a boy.

Got any predictions for me. You see the profile picts and there is nothing different with this one from my other ones except a lot of throwing up.

I think a girl on March 24th that will weigh 8 lb 13 oz and 21.5 inches long and lots of dark hair. (probably won't get that one based on my other cousins kids, but it is worth a try - 3 out of 28 have dark hair)

Side note: I have been meaning to get this picture of Drew up for awhile. We worked on the baby's room a few weeks ago. Drew found "this" and thought it would make a good trumpet. Someday he will be grossed out by it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pi Day

Pi Day is officially Saturday (3/14) for all of those wanting to plan a party. If you need music or some games let me know. See last years post for some thrilling ideas!

Monday, March 9, 2009

36 Weeks and Counting

Disclaimer: Jamie - you might not want to read! :)

Today was our 36 week appointment and it was good. Blood pressure - good, weight gain - good, heartbeat - good, head down - AWESEOME!!!! Size - on track for my kiddos. Dialation - 3 cm.

Now I am realistic and know that many friends have stayed this way for a really long time. Poor Kristy about dropped all three boys out. But a third of the way there is better than nothing. That means when I get to the hospital, the first third that takes FOREVER will be done.

So since my sub plans aren't done and our bags are not packed, the baby will probably come. I am slightly afraid that I will jinx us if I do either of these tasks! There is a full moon this week and you have a higher chance of our water breaking on a full moon - Drew was born on a full moon with my water breaking.

Pi day is Friday and I love this day at school. I would also like to have a couple days of relaxation during spring break next week, but God and baby will decide when they want to come.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Emergency Response Team

We need to work at house on our emergency response. We had a kind of "drill" the other morning. I was drying my hair and my hair dryer started to spark. Not wanting to get burned, I threw it on the carpeted bedroom floor with a scream. Jason came in to make sure that I was okay - sweet guy. He picked it up and turned it off.

This hair dryer is old and neither of us can remember when we bought it - probably not in our 11 years of marriage. He started to inspect it with the great knowledge of electricity. He had already scolded me about throwing it on the floor.

During his scientific inspection, he turned it on - DUMMY. It sparked and what did he do? Threw it on the floor.

We unplugged it and took it to the curb. The bad part was that I had only dried half my hair - so half frizzy and half straight - the kids at school did notice and asked why my hair was different.

So we learned that we will probably be the ones to start a fire in our stupidity of throwing something on the floor.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Karoke at Bar Willis

Singing at our house is loud and frequent. There are many times where we are fighting over whose turn it is and that he or she won't stop or are singing too loud and you can't hear me.

Tonight was different. After watching Mo and the Big Exit Veggie Tales, the kids pulled up the extra features. (Yes they know how to get to the other parts of the DVD menu.) They found the karoke and were hooked. While I was finishing up supper, Jason was coaxed into singing with them. If you notice closely, Jason's microphone is Drew's tennis shoe. Ally shyed down for the camera, but it was still funny - especially since they "knew" all the words. They don't get that from their momma!