Saturday, March 27, 2010

Another Attemp

I think that we got some good pictures for our card out of this sitting, but Tana is the girl of many many faces. Her face does not hid what she is feeling. We think that Ally is a Drama Queen, I think that in the future that Tana might out-do her - and that SCARES me.

The first two before bathtime didn't go terrible, but it is always fun to get pictures of kids in their PJs by the tree.

As you can tell, Tana didn't want to have any part of this...

Really - again mom - I thought I told you how I felt...

And we are done.

Some of you might remember us before kids - but we used to have these silly snowmen. We everyone has their own and we bought Tana's this year, they made the family Christmas pictures.

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