Saturday, March 27, 2010

Grandpa Melvin

This is a hard post to write because today, March 27th (yes Ally's birthday), Grandpa Melvin went to be with his precious Savior and Lord Jesus. I have had a hard time about how to feel about his death - happy or sad. He was diagnosed in December with pancreatic cancer - and 3-12 months to live. He missed Grandma Arlene so much and just wanted to go to heaven. His health had been failing for sometime. He wasn't as sharp and witty as he was. He could still tell us some good stories from the early days - but sometimes they were hard to get out. So even though I will miss him greatly, I am celebrating his new life with Jesus where he can see and walk again!

He leaves a huge legacy - in family and friends. Everyone has a story about how Grandpa Melvin touched or taught them. He was one of the most godly men that I ever knew. I knew that if I was ever confused that I could always call him and he would share scripture that would tell me what Jesus wanted me to do. I might have been his grandchild, anyone who walked in the door was family to him. He loved to sing and loved it when we sang with him.

My friend Cam, put it well - he has been promoted to the "Good Ol' Iowa Farmer - sitting on the front porch of heaven club." Grandpa will be missed, but I am sure that he isn't missing this place!

This is a picture of his 90th birthday party. He was so thrilled to have 90 years to live here, but he was so ready to be with Jesus.


Sarah said...

So sorry Brenda. What a legacy he had here on earth. You and your family are examples of that legacy. Will be praying for you.

Sharie said...

What a loving testimony to a life well lived and the power of a grandparent's love and influence on his grandchild. Love the pic w/ his great-grands!

Sorry for your temporary loss of having him in your life on earth though; that's still sad.