Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Tree

We have spent the majority of the weekend getting everything set for Christmas. My Dad graciously watched the kids on Friday morning so that Jason and I could get up and go shopping. We found some good deals and the kids got a sleepover at Grandma's! We got to 8 stores, back to Brooklyn, breakfast at McDonalds and ate lunch all by 12:15!

One of the tasks was the tree. I don't pretend to EVER want a real tree. I am perfectly content with my beautiful fake tree that doesn't need water and looks good every year. The kids enjoy sorting the colors and helping "puff" the branches. Drew made it through the first 2 layers before he decided to play. Ally made it to the end and loved every second.

The big discussion in the car the last few weeks has been - who gets to put on the star. The rotation for the next few years was made by the kids. Ally this year, then Drew, followed by Hammie. Now I just have to remember so there will be no fighting next year! Here is the Ally's proud moment!

Still too short - but she can do it with Daddy's help!

The final decorations were put on Sunday. We had to go through the lights since they weren't all working.



Amy said...

I haven't been to your blog recently... so sorry! But your daughter is Soooooo cute. I love how proud she is to put the star on!

Latcham said...

somethings off i don't know what it is?? lol